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Dahme-Seen Lake District

Dahme-Seen Lake District is one of the richest in water areas in Brandenburg and ranges from the south border of the capital to Maerkisch Buchholz, the small town of the district.
The graceful river Dahme meanders through Schenkenländchen, Dahme-Seen Lake District to Teupitz-Köriser-Seenkette, past Königs Wusterhausen, Wildau, Zeuthen and Eichwalde.

Forests, meadows, heaths, hills, silent ponds and fens mark the outlines of the Dahme-Heideseen nature park. Embedded between lie dreamy, small towns and tiny villages.

In the small, Brandenburgian town of Koenigs Wusterhausen – a green town – there are many traditional Prussian places worth seeing.

Tourismusverband Dahme-Seen e.V.
Am Bahnhof
15711 Koenigs Wusterhausen
Tel.: (0049) 3375/25200; 252019
Fax: (0049) 3375/252011; 252028


Spreewald – one of the most unique landscapes in the Central Europe.
Quiet, romantic, unspoiled. The Spree river loses itself here in a fascinating labyrinth of flows.
The unique cultural landscape was listed by UNESCO as biosphere reserve Spreewald.

Spreewald can be experienced through beautiful, romantic canals on barges or individually on canoes.

Over dense alder and ash forests and through green meadows, among rare animals and plants one can experience by shank’s mare, on a high horse, on a bike or on a charabanc the excitement of this seemingly unspoiled cultural landscape.

Further tourist information:
Tourismusverband Spreewald e. V. 
OT Raddusch, Lindenstrasse 1 
03226 Vetschau / Spreewald 
Tel. (0049) 35433 - 72 2 99 
Fax: (0049) 35433 - 72 2 28

Information concerning the economic area „Spreewald“:
Spreewaldverein e.V.
Am Neuhaus 7
15907 Luebben / Spreewald
Tel.: (0049) 3546 – 84 26
Fax: (0049) 3546 – 86 43

Niederlausitzer Landruecken

A landscape of contradictions.
Post-minig landscapes as well as the flat, glacial sandhills form the face of the region Niederlausitzer Landrücken.

This distinctive ridge south and west from Luckau was recognized as the Niederlausitzer Landruecken nature park.

With dunes and lakes, natural and forested area the region is a setting, which is fully different but still not less charming.

Small, dreamy villages, beautiful, old stone churches, lovely alleys, wind and watermills, the atmosphere of the small towns of Luckau and Golssen with their historical centres complete the scenery.

Further information you can find at
Tourismusverband Niederlausitzer Land e. V.
Am Markt 34
15926 Luckau
Tel. (0049) 3544/3050
Fax (0049) 3544/508276

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