Numbers, data and facts

Area: 2.261 km² ( = 7,6 % of the area of Brandenburg)
Location: From the south-eastern border of Berlin to Spreewald and the foothills of Niederen Flämings
Bordering cities and districts: Capital Berlin (northern)
  District Oder-Spree (eastern)
  District Spree-Neisse (south-eastern)
  District Oberspreewald-Lausitz and Elbe-Elster (southern)
  District Teltow-Fläming (western)
The length of the district’s borders: 386 km
Spread north-south: 81 km
Spread east-west: 69 km
The highest point of the district: Wachtelberge bei Wüstermarke 159,2 m above sea level
The lowest point of the district: Miersdorf Werder 33,0 m above sea level
The capital of the district: Lübben (Spreewald)
Total population
(as of: 31.12.2018)
Inhabitants: 169.067
male: 85.124 female: 83.943
- bigger towns: Königs Wusterhausen = 37.190 inhabitants
Lübben = 14.024 inhabitants
Wildau = 10.303 inhabitant
Luckau = 9.582 inhabitants
Population development in the district of Dahme-Spreewald 1990: 142.412 inhabitants
1995: 144.990 inhabitants
2000: 158.994 inhabitants
2005: 161.937 inhabitants
2010: 161.805 inhabitants
2015: 164.528 inhabitants
Structure The structure of the district shows a strong north-south incline and can be divided into 3 areas.
The northern part because of its Berlin-proximity and the optimal transport connection is a demanded location for industry, services, research and education.
Plenty of forests and water area offer ideal conditions for living and recreation.
The vicinity of the district capital Lübben is described as a unique natural landscape of Spreewald and is a favourite attraction for tourists.
Around the historically valuable town of Luckau the region shows its rural character. Here dominate the agriculture and food industry. The post-mining landscape of "Schlabendorfer Felder" also belongs to this area.
Nature and environment Forest 95.600 ha (84 % pine stand)
Water area 8.800 ha
Recreation area 822 ha
16 protected landscapes
75 nature reserves
Biosphere reserve Spreewald 48.000  ha
  Listed by UNESCO in 1991
Streams and canals of the total length of 970 km
18.000 settled species of animals and plants
Yearly number of visitors: 2 mln
Nature park Dahme-Heideseen 59.000 ha
Nature park
Niederlausitzer Landrücken
58.000 ha
Nature park Schlaubetal 22.700 ha
Commercial and industry area: 30 commercial areas, 887 ha of total area
3 industry areas, 181 ha of total area
The degree of populating in the northern part of the district: 70 %
The degree of populating in the southern part of the district: 60 %
The utilized agricultural area: 72.148 ha
Tourism Tourist area Dahme-Seengebiet (in the north of the district)
Tourist area Spreewald (in the south of the district)

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