Luebben (Spreewald)

Lübben (Spreewald), the green hospitable town, lies directly in the heart of Spreewald and is described as a gate to the Lower and Upper Spreewald. With more than 14.000 inhabitants Lübben is the capital of the district Dahme-Spreewald.

Lübben was mentioned for the first time in a document from 1150. In 2000 the town celebrated its 850th anniversary. However, numerous, archaeological findings are a sign of an earlier colonisation of the site. Today the clearly visible circular hillfort “Burglehn” reminds of the Slavic colonisation since the 6th century.

Presumably in 1220 Lübben obtained the Magdeburg Rights.

Many episodes of rules were accompanied by pillages and plunders. The Thirty Years’ War and the Seven Years’ War left the town completely destroyed. In the Thirty Years’ War Lübben went from the Bohemian to the Saxon rule.

Lübben emerged as the capital of the margraviate Lower Lusatia, whose progressive form of government – a district main office as a highest judicial and administrative authority instead of the old bailiff’s office – played an important historical role in the development of Lower Lusatia.

After the war of liberation and the Congress of Vienna in 1815 Lübben went under the Prussian rule. The once Saxon province capital became a Prussian district town.

In the last days of the Second World War the town has been destroyed in 80%. Lübben lost its former romantic character of a small town, also because in the post-war years and during the dominance of the socialist architecture many old, intact houses have been demolished to create place for new buildings.

The events of the political turning point in 1989 brought to the town changes in all fields. Many constructional activities are clearly visible, especially in the centre.

On a former parking place and fallow land emerged the newly created castle island with parks, trails, playgrounds, canals, a harbour and a tourist centre of the town.

Therefore this place has become a main venue for tourists looking for relaxation. The guest encounters here not mass tourism, but a versatilely coordinated offer to explore Spreewald – a central European unique landscape – with its characteristic, finely ramified watercourses.

For its extensive measures in the tourist and cultural infrastructure Lübben obtained in 1999 the status of „the state-acknowledged recreational area”.

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