The history of administration

Already before 1945 there were districts Lübben and Luckau with the capitals in these towns.
Königs Wusterhausen belonged to the district Teltow.
After the foundation of the GDR (1949) the area of the Land Brandenburg was again divided into regions and districts.
The district Lübben and Luckau belonged to the region Cottbus.
The district Königs Wusterhausen belonged to the region Potsdam.
During the political transformation 1989/1990 the structure of the regions was altered by the Act on the Self-government of the Communities and District in the GDR (Kommunalverfassung from 17.05.1990). Initially in the new Land Brandenburg stood the districts of Lübben, Luckau and Königs Wusterhausen.
With the territorial reform from the end of 1993 three previous districts with the communities Telz (old district Zossen) and Wernsdorf (old district Fürstenwalde) as well as the town Lieberose and the communities Blasdorf, Doberburg, Goschen, Jamlitz, Leeskow, Plattkow, Speichrow, Trebitz and Ullersdorf (all from the old district Beeskow) have been incorporated into the district Dahme-Spreewald.
The town Dahme with the communities Bollensdorf, Gebersdorf, Kemlitz, Mehlsdorf, Niendorf, Prensdorf, Rietdorf, Rosenthal and Wildau-Wentdorf (all from the old district Luckau) became parts of the new district Teltow-Fläming.

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