Coat of arms

Coat of arms of the district Dahme-Spreewald

A curved, blue spike with golden king’s crown in a silver background, accompanied by looking against each other: cropped, red bull’s trump with golden horns and cropped, red eagle’s trump with golden beak.

The district Dahme-Spreewald was established in December 1993 from the old districts of Lübben, Luckau and Königs Wusterhausen as a result of the administration reform. The coat of arms refers to the former centres of these three old districts.

The red eagle’s trunk symbolises the northern part of the district, namely the old-Brandenburg district of Königs Wusterhausen. Furthermore the bull’s trunk is trademarked as a coat of arms of the Land Brandenburg. Its use in other national emblems is not allowed.

The red bull’s trunk represents the margraviate of Lower Lusatia with its old districts Lübben and Luckau.
The golden king’s crown stands for the town Königs Wusterhausen with its former hunting castle of the Prussian king.

The blue spike is supposed to symbolise the watercourses flowing north in this abundant with water landscape.

The flag of the district Dahme-Spreewald

The district flag is – when hanged on a crossbar – long-striped, blue-yellow-blue, at a ratio of 1:2:1 and has the district coat of arms in the middle

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