Dear Visitors,

Auf dem Bild ist die Person Stephan Loge zu sehen.

the administrative district (Landkreis) of Dahme Spreewald is one of the leading economic areas in Brandenburg. Its exquisite landscape abundant with water and forests makes it an ideal place for living and recreation.

We set clear priorities in order to make our region even more attractive in the upcoming years. First of all we focus on long-sighted family and school policy with equal educational opportunities for everybody, the systematic strengthening of the economy, the promotion of environmental protection and the development of infrastructure, mobility and modern internet technologies.

As a public service provider we are a partner for citizens, institutions and commercial enterprises. Through our online presence we would like to provide you with a wide range of information and diverse services which we develop and optimise step by step.

We inform you about the activities and the structure of the local administration and the district. We offer interesting links to cities and communes and to different institutions and associations. Please take your time to find out more. In case of any questions we are at your disposal and we would be very happy to help you!

Stephan Loge
Chief Councillor